We ask that you please read and review our clinic policies to prevent any misunderstandings.  Please contact us anytime should you have any questions.  Thank you.

Appointments can be made by calling: 604-739-9881

We expect to see you for all of your health care needs. As such, we offer scheduled appointments and same-day squeeze-in appointments. Our staff can usually get you in to see one of us (your Family Doctor if she is available) on the same day (for urgent issues) or within 24 hours (for less urgent issues).

To assist in the smooth running of the office, the receptionist will ask you the nature of your problem, so that she can schedule the appropriate amount of time for you. Booked appointments are usually scheduled for approximately 10-15 minutes, during which time we can usually deal with 1 or 2 problems thoroughly. A greater number or more complex problems may require another appointment. At the beginning of your visit, please let the doctor know how many concerns you hope to address and we will do our best to accommodate you as the time allows. Same day squeeze in and walk-in appointments are scheduled for 5 minutes.

A complete physical examination/check up is booked for 20- 30 minutes. Please note that a complete physical examination is only covered by MSP if it is medically indicated. Routine physical exams are neither covered nor necessary. Pap examinations are recommended for women every 3 years until age 69. Please feel free to ask the doctor if you are due for a complete physical, pap examination or any other screening exams, such as those for prostate or colon cancer.

We encourage you to make appointments in advance. However, because health problems can arise quickly, we can usually see you on the same for urgent problems or within 24 hours for less urgent problems. If your own doctor does not happen to be in the office, you may be seen by another physician. We also offer some booked telephone appointments for quick issues that may not require an in person visit.

We offer walk-in hours on Saturdays from 12-3. These are non-booked appointments that are best suited to problems that can be managed in a short period of time. If your issue is of a more complex nature, we encourage you to book a proper appointment with your physician. We do not provide complete physicals or pap appointments on Saturdays. We are closed over long weekends.

The telephone lines are often very busy. Messages are checked throughout the day and we encourage you to leave a message for non-urgent issues.

We will consider phone renewals for chronic stable medications. There is a $30 fee associated with this service which is not covered by MSP. This fee covers office staff’s time for contacting the pharmacy, contacting patients and reviewing the charts. Please allow 24-72 hours for this to be completed, including contacting you for payment.

In general, physicians will try to ensure that patients have sufficient supply of medication until the doctor would like to see you again to review your health condition.

Although most problems can be handled by your family doctor, sometimes a referral to a medical specialist is required. We will arrange the appointment for you and call or email you with the time and date. If the date is not satisfactory you may phone the specialist’s office yourself to change it.

Referrals to specialists, physiotherapists, massage therapists or podiatrists are made following an assessment here in the office by your doctor.

We require 24 hours notice of cancellation for appointments. The fees for a missed appointments or appointments cancelled at short notice are: short appointments (15 min) $75, and long appointment (physicals, counselling etc.) $150. Patients who repeatedly miss appointments will be discharged from the practice.

Typically, you will be called in to review abnormal test results. If you are concerned about a test result, we encourage you to call the office and book to see or speak to your physician.

Most bloodwork results are available between 1-14 days after the sample is drawn. X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI results are usually available within 1-7 days. PAP tests can take up to 6 weeks for results to be available. Prenatal genetic screening results can take 2-3 weeks.